Hi Everyone,
This wiki will be the main organizational tool for our course. I will be adding material to this page as the course advances so please create a bookmark in your web browser so that you can easily find your way back to this page on a regular basis.

You will see that there are Navigation links on the left hand side of this page that will lead you to most of the information you will need for this course.

This course has been developed to allow you to develop proficiency with web-based Information and Communication Technologies. Most of us are familiar with email, electronic documents and the Internet and use them regularly in our daily lives. Many new web based tools are being developed and adopted for many social and business applications. Teachers must be able to use these tools so that they can prepare their students to use online resources.

Many of these tools are considered "social software" because they capitalize on the amazing potential to connect people with data and people with people.

While no course can deal with all of the web-based tools available or even all the categories of tools, we will be exploring and experimenting with the basic principles of social networking and developing a strategy to learn more.

This course is probably pretty different from most of the courses you teach and may be quite different from any course you have ever taken. The emphasis will be on self-directed, exploratory learning. Even though there is a large measure of personal responsibility for each participant the instructor will be readily available for consultation and individual coaching as required.

We will be developing skills with various web-based communications tools and then using them to develop content and to communicate with each other. The structure of the course is very flexible and will take into account that most of the participants are working and leading busy lives. There will be a large amount of independent activity but we will also be developing connections with each other as we progress. Depending on how proficient you are with computers and the Internet you should plan on spending 4-6 hours per week on course materials including one hour per week of scheduled, online group activities.
Each week a new activity will be introduced and will be described on the activities link on the side of this page. Please do your best to keep up with the course materials and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any assistance. We will begin by establishing anonymous Gmail accounts and sharing contact information. For detailed directions of the first activity, click on Activities in the Navigation links on this page.