Task 1- Create and share a 3- 5 minute online video on an education related topic of choice.
Task 2 - Use a web based desktop capture application to create and share a 3-5 minute presentation on a computer skill of your choice.

Web Video

Another of the powerful online tools available to teachers is the web video. This is a way to record audiovisual material and upload it to a video service where it can be viewed online or embedded in a website. Once the video is posted, it can be shared by embedding the video in your blog or by making a link available on your blog to the web video. Stephen Downes, the author of the excellent blog, OLDaily published a journal article in Innovate:Journal of Online Education that explains some of the background and impact of web based video. You might have to sign in to view this article but it would be worth the effort, the ramifications for formal and informal education are interesting. Innovate may also be a useful source for material for your final papers.

You can use any type of device to record video for up loading; a digital video recorder, many digital cameras and even many of the newer cell phones allow you to record video in a format that you can save on your computer and upload to a web based service.

If you are using YouTube you can actually record a clip directly to YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google so your Google account also gives you access to YouTube. YouTube has recently created a special service for education called YouTube Teachers. When you are logged into your YouTube account you will see an upload button which will lead you an option to "Use quick capture " This means that YouTube will activate your webcam and you can just start recording. The options for editing your video are somewhat limited but you can just re-record short clips. You can do some simple editing directly within YouTube but if you want to create more involved clips you will need to use a video editing application and either a video camera or your webcam.

Screencasting and Screen Captures

Another option for creating educational videos and screen captures is Jing. Jing it is really a very simple free application that you can download from the website at http://www.jingproject.com/ As soon as you download the application it will lead you through a very effective "Getting Started" tutorial. Use Jing to record a demonstration of a web-based application or process that you can embed on a wiki or blog or share via a URL. The Screen capture function of Jing allows you to take a static picture of your screen and annotate it. This is very useful for trouble shooting applications and web services.

Downes, S. (2008). Places to Go: YouTube. Innovate: Journal of Online Education, 4(5). Retrieved June 4, 2008, from https://docs.google.com/viewer?url=http://www.innovateonline.info/pdf/vol4_issue5/Places_to_Go-__YouTube.pdf