Task 1- Establish a Google Reader account and subscribe to the web log feed of your cohort.
Task 2- Use the Add a Subscription feature of Google Reader to build a network of resources.

Our next step is to set up a feed reader or news aggregator. These are tools that allow you to monitor the activity of other blogs or web pages that interest you.

It might be useful to review the Commoncraft video "RSS in Plain English"

There are a number of free, web based applications that perform this function. The one I would like to start with is Google Reader.

Simply do a Google search for Google Reader and follow the directions on the site. You already have a Google account set up so you can use your alias and your course Gmail address to log into the Google Reader.

Please view this tutorial by clicking this link .

HINT: You may want to open two browser windows, one to view the Jing presentation and another to have your Google Reader account open. That way you can pause the video, switch browser pages and work in your Google Reader account. When you want to go on to the next step you can go back to the first browser page and resume the video.

Please add the feed from the course wiki and the feeds from the blogs of all other members of our group to your Google Reader account.

You should try to check your Google Reader and using the tools that you are learning on a daily basis to get accustomed to the process. You should also be commenting on each others blogs as much as possible to get the conversation flowing.

If you have any trouble viewing the Jing presentation or using the Google Reader application, please phone me at 204 571 0836 or even better send me a Skype message. I do not intend to make you work through these tools on your own. You do, however, need to explore and let me know if you need my help.